Why is title insurance important?

Keys to Home OwnershipTitle insurance is important because it will provide home buyers and sellers necessary protection against defects in the title. For a one-time fee, purchasers of policy have complete coverage for any unknowns that may arise in the title history for the entire duration of the property ownership. New insurance isn’t needed until the property is sold.

A seller needs to have insurance because in most cases it is required by law, but even more than that, it gives buyers comfort in knowing that the property they are purchasing has a clear title and is unencumbered with any legal transactions that may impede the ownership of the property.

A buyer should have insurance in case there are errors in the title history, public recordings or general mistakes in the title review that may compromise the ownership of the property without the insurance. With the title insurance, if there are problems with a title that was thought to be clear all defense mechanisms to clear said property are covered under your title insurance policy.

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